Building a “Jobs-First” Business Climate

For generations, Wisconsin has been a worldwide leader in manufacturing, and some of the products we make in Wisconsin are found in households and communities across the globe. But over the last 10-15 years, the private sector has been under attack.  Job-killing tax hikes and an increasingly hostile environment for job creators have made the effects of the national recession even worse in our state.

In one short year, Governor Walker and legislative Republicans reversed much of the damage that had been done to our business climate, enacting common sense reforms that make it easier for businesses to retain jobs, expand, and in some cases, make Wisconsin their new home.  As a manufacturing manager myself, I stand with the hard-working men and women that make our economic engine run, and I am looking forward to bringing a “jobs-first” approach to the State Senate so that our children can realize a restored, vibrant Wisconsin for generations to come.

Strong Manufacturing Is Vital To A Strong Wisconsin

Control Taxes, Control Spending

In tough economic times, increasing taxes is the easy way out, and we have seen that tactic used by the big spenders in Madison over and over again.  Last year, Governor Walker and legislative Republicans balanced a multi-billion dollar budget deficit without raising taxes or resorting to budget gimmicks.  Finally, somebody stood up and said “no more kicking the can down the road.”

That’s how I have approached our city budget on the Fond du Lac City Council – don’t spend what you don’t have, work to keep the tax burden low, and don’t push deficits into the future for someone else to deal with.  I will work to end wasteful spending by our state government, and if budgetary challenges arise, I won’t “take the easy way out.”

High Taxes Hit Seniors Living On Fixed Incomes The Hardest

Family Values

Family is the backbone of our society, and my family is the most important thing in my life. My wife Kim, son Jayce, and daughter Alexana lean on each other for advice and counsel in good times and bad. A strong family gives us a bond that has and will continue to carry forward for generations.

I believe in parental accountability and that it is the duty of parents, not the government, to raise children so that they can achieve their full potential. As a society, we should be there to support that effort. We must reverse the slow erosion of the Wisconsin family unit, and ensure that educational opportunities of many different shapes and sizes are available to parents who strive each day to do what’s best for the next generation.

We Need Politicians That Are Focused On The Next Generation, Not The Next Election

Protecting our Rights and Freedoms

Guided by a firm belief that each legally-cast vote deserves to be counted once, I will be a leader in the effort to restore integrity to our state elections process, I fully support the photo ID requirement at the polls.